If It Was My Imagination

''The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it ''  

Common Ground

Even though you have no idea where you’re going, know at least where you come from.

It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady sings

Vanitas painting( symbolic,still-life painting) of the seventeenth century symbolized through objects; human being struggle with the reality of finite life.                        Having taken my inspiration from this, i am now creating contemporary vanitas,highlighting through  daily objects the natural decay of changing world.  
The objectivity and the enduring rapidity of scientific progress seem to present humanity from building any cultural meaning around itself. This project is research how humanity has been culturally building death from the very beginning up to our rituals and through objects around us.                          I wonder, how we would cope with death in the society[world] we live in, where technology and medicine seems to be able to neutralize human mortality.

Humanize the Unhuman [Study for great chain of being]

In the distorting Mirror of Life, reality appears as it really is. The damaged life is displayed by means of everyday utilities. Everything around us can just as easily breakdown, change or disappear altogether. Consequently, everything that we perceive as being firm, grounded and balanced, is in fact just ephemeral, fragile and transitory. The “Rollers” are a good example of this. They embody and illustrate, as it were, the individual deterioration of the aging person walking behind the “balance-creating” roller. They represent perfectly idiosyncratic ways of ‘losing balance’, of ‘losing ground’


''The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it''
We often aim at an utopian idealism by creating mirror-images of a perfect life. However, the less perfect aspects of life should not be ignored.
When I was seven years old, I had to face death as the inevitable closure of the cycle of life; my father died. 
We are increasingly inclined to trim down damages, holes and obstacles in our lives by contrast, it is my intention to leave these ‘faults’ or ‘failures’ in my work, both structurally and formally. 
I investigate those attributes in search for a new meaning and destiny.
As a child, I had worn-down slippers for shoes. Not daring to show the holes in them to my mother, I remade these slippers into a boat, a car or an island. I invented a new context for each particular slipper, giving it a new identity. Reality and image got blurred.


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