Modern thinking teaches us a kind of permanent fear of the openness of the world.
The movement of history cannot be reversed.
What this work is trying to do is create a place where people are invited to be not so much in front of the works, but above all with them, and with each other.

The term “reconciliation” connotes desire to ensure that the printed image reconciled two opposing views. Every silkscreen required a dark backdrop in order to see the printed image; it is only visible if two visitors are standing on opposites sides of the same screen. Thus, the two viewers on opposite sides see the same explicit images of violence that are part of a series of drawings depicting slavery. 
Henceforth, each of these installations emphasized desire to deconstruct a biased and unilateral frame of reference. 

RADICAL PRESENCE-Anatomy of Identity

Sometimes just being yourself is the radical act. 



Science elevates us to masters of the outside, but it also degrades us to strays on the path to deep truth.


Every word, every being knocks at your door with its riddle.