Victor Sonna (b. 1977) is a visual artist born in Yaoundé, Cameroon. He graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and St. Joost School of Art & Design in 2008 and now lives and works in the Netherlands. 

My artistic practice is formed and informed by my genealogy. Negotiating between Cameroon and the Netherlands means I am always occupied with the struggle of holding onto my African roots on one hand, and integrating into my European home on the other. The experience of being in-between cultures is alive in my work, which is often born from tensions arising between cultures and styles, resulting in artworks that de-familiarise and test the boundaries.

My work ranges from sculptures to paintings and from metal to textile based pieces. The creative process is often characterised by an assemblage technique, whereby a range of everyday materials and objects (scrap metal, wood, fabric, kitchen utensils and guns, for example) are re-used and given new life. Disparate materials are transformed into unique and dynamic pieces with new meaning and significance. This approach has its origins in my childhood in Cameroon, where the scarcity of money and resources meant that I had to make do and re-use what lay around me. 

Recent exhibitions include Victor Sonna 1525, where 152 works of art representing my personal artistic reflection on the horrors of colonialism and slavery were displayed in a 25-metre high scaffolding installation at the Van Abbemuseum. The accompanying publication Victor Sonna 152 documents this exhibition and contains an extensive essay on my work by curator Steven ten Thije. My work has also been shown at Dak'Art Biennale, Dutch Design Week and Deutsches Museum in recent years, and is part of private and public collections internationally. 


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One of the winners for best dutch book designs from 2020!




Nothing (G)old Can Stay

“It is now referred to as the “last bath” since it was the last place to bathe before being taken to the castle at the coast. In this place, they had their hair shaved, were properly washed and had their bodies smeared with oil to make them look healthy and young''

Making of 1525

The title of the exhibition refers to the year 1525, the year that marked the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade.