Sonna’s artistic practice is formed and informed by his genealogy. Negotiating between Cameroon and the Netherlands and constantly having to reinvent himself in these radically different socio-cultural contexts, means he is occupied with a struggle between holding onto his African roots on one hand, and assimilating into his European home on the other. His personal diasporic experience of being in-between cultures is always present in his work and he is deeply touched by what occurs in-between things. Much of his work is born from tensions arising in-between worlds, cultures, and styles, resulting in artworks that de-familiarise and test the boundaries. Notions of identity and belonging are questioned through his artistic exploration of the spaces in-between “being” and “becoming”, past and present, and Africa and the West. 

'' As a  child I wore torn slippers. I didn’t dare to show my mother the holes in them, as there was  no money for new ones. I continued to wear them. Each night I took off my torn slippers and turned them into different things''