I am touched by what goes on between things. Sometimes, a tension arises there. An example of this is that between my mother and me, the torn slippers got a chance at acquiring a different identity Another example of this tension is me having to invent myself time and again between Cameroon and The Netherlands. This tension does not have a fixed form, no fixed name or definition. But it is certainly there. It doesn’t have anything to do with the supernatural, with magic or with intuition. On the contrary, it is particularly palpable in the here and now. This tension forms the basis of my work.

As a  child I wore torn slippers. I didn’t dare to show my mother the holes in them, as there was  no money for new ones. I continued to wear them. Each night I took off my torn slippers and turned them into different things, for instance, into a boat, a car or an island. I made up new contexts for these torn slippers, with them getting a new identity. The boundary between image and  reality was blurred.