Future Nostalgia

Riding a bike turns Man into an optimist. He has to provide his own traction.

In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy. I draw lines throughout the city while riding my bicycle. These lines are neither straight nor angular. Likewise, people move in unique ways, both physically and mentally. The movement itself, that meandering line, is often not a smooth ride at all. We are increasingly inclined to trim down damages, holes and obstacles in our lives by contrast, it is my intention to leave these ‘faults’ or ‘failures’ in my work, both structurally and formally. The above mentioned works are odes to the founding fathers of modern art, with all their distorting, meandering, brilliant concoctions. No smooth rides for them either.

Metanoia Residencies

Progress and evolution are not bound to either time or place. They are first and foremost, human-bound. And so is deterioration and de-evolution.
Can attributes, when brought together, signify something new. These are some of the questions which have their roots in my African childhood where I constantly had to re-use discarded materials in order to make playthings and toys. 

Esperance du Lendemain

''It's time to talk ...close the loop holes.Words are powerful tools of ideology'' 


Exposure- Anatomy of Identity

''The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it''

Truthful Perception

There are no absolute masters: you are always both pupil and master. The master teaches others and, in turn, is taught by them.
All mirror are magic mirrors. We never see our reflections in them. The problem about thinking is that it often leads to paradox.
Truthful Perception often takes familiar objects out of their contexts, breaking them down to combine with other objects and materials and transforming them in the process. This process of regeneration often results in original works of art that generate both tension and infinite meaning.