I Love (My) Land

Earth connects past, present and future generations.
When does a person belong to a nation? What does identity mean?
Being Cameroon-born and living in The Netherlands: my past and present are in permanent dialogue- Being is a process of becoming.
I Love My Land is an expression of my own integration-process towards becoming a Dutchman, a process which will never be completed.
This sculpture has literally two sides: Seen from an insider’s perspective (i.e.Dutch), this work seems to be an iconic representation of Holland because of the use of bicycle saddles but at th same time, its recycling-aesthetics refer to my African roots. From an immigrant’s or outsider’s point of view, this work is a reminder of  cultural differences and contrasts.



Beauty Full

A human step exists by the grace of the “contradiction” between the one foot and the other. All contradictions are complements. 
What attracts me also annoys me. 
The questionable drive in our society towards physical perfection and eternal youth is one of the themes I am engaged in with my work during the creative process that forces me to negotiate a balance. 
The damaged life is displayed by means of everyday utilities. Consequently, everything that we perceive as being firm, grounded and balanced, is in fact just ephemeral, fragile and transitory.



An object getting a ''second'' lease on life, acquiring powers of transformation in the process.

Nothing is merely entertainment.
The profane doesn’t exist.
Everything is religious, all strive towards a goal.
Life is a search, a journey towards your own light-source.

Memories of Rietveld

Rietveld doesn’t mean ‘shit’ in Mali!

It means “ field of reed”


The Well Beloved

The Well beloved [Care Justitia] introduces triadic thinking and acting instead of dyadic.
Our world seems to become increasingly unsafe by growing threats of physical and psychological violence. Man is like an abandoned ship that is spinning around on a swirling sea…
We are being wrong-footed, our perception is being mangled and twisted. It hurts people when they are being forced to act against their better judgment. Knowledge and conscience are two different categories entirely.
Conscience is no machine that programs reason into achieving predictable results. There is always a downside to the medal.