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HUMANIZE THE UNHUMAN[Study for Great Chain of Being]

In the distorting Mirror of Life, reality appears as it really is. The damaged life is displayed by means of everyday utilities. Everything around us can just as easily breakdown, change or disappear altogether. Consequently, everything that we perceive as being firm, grounded and balanced, is in fact just ephemeral, fragile and transitory. The “Rollers” are a good example of this. They embody and illustrate, as it were, the individual deterioration of the aging person walking behind the “balance-creating” roller. They represent perfectly idiosyncratic ways of ‘losing balance’, of ‘losing ground’.

Paradise -Reset

There are no absolute masters: you are always both pupil and master. The master teaches others and, in turn, is taught by them. Watch on vimeo Paradise Reset often takes familiar objects out of their contexts, breaking them down to combine with other objects and materials and transforming them in the process. This process of regeneration often results in original works of art that generate both tension and infinite meaning.

Attribute Of Tomorrow

Knowledge is power, at least if one is a friend of the powerful. Everyone knows that man's amazing mechanical power is the product of a long evolution, but it is not commonly realized that this is also true of the social force which we call conscience

Return to Sender

Knowledge and conscience are two different categories entirely. Conscience is no machine that programs reason into achieving predictable results There is always a downside to the medal. ‘Return to Sender” displays a suggestion of reality. It paints a worst-case-scenario of violence and destruction, encouraging you to reflect on its implications…

Future Nostalgia-Masterpieces

In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy. I draw lines throughout the city while riding my bicycle. These lines are neither straight nor angular. Likewise, people move in unique ways, both physically and mentally. The movement itself, that meandering line, is often not a smooth ride at all. We are increasingly inclined to trim down damages, holes and obstacles in our lives By contrast, it is my intention to leave these ‘faults’ or ‘failures’ in my work, both structurally and formally. The above mentioned works are odes to the founding fathers of modern art, with all their distorting, meandering, brilliant concoctions. No smooth rides for them either Riding a bike turns Man into an optimist.He has to provide his own traction Watch on vimeo

True Colors

Our past and present are two sides of the same coin. We carry our individual pasts with us wherever we go, while also having a past shared with others as a group, family or nation. Both aspects influencing the future. True Colors is more than just an aesthetic or an expressing trend: it is almost activism. A project to change the world, even if it changes just a little.

I Love My Land

Your position determines your field of vision. Our identities seem to be fixed and grounded, but they are really ephemeral, constantly transforming and in flux in a world where everyone seems to be or wants to be cosmopolitan. Have I been looking for an identity that doesn't exist, that doesn't possess a country of its own and doesn't have its own customs and rules?

Common Ground [37 °C]

Even though you have no idea where you’re going, know at least where you come from. I eat nature in order to live and to live, nature eats me in return. Neither nature nor I actually die. There is only a merging, a mutual transformation.

Care Justitia

Care Justitia’ introduces triadic thinking and acting instead of dyadic.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings

The universe constitutes a dynamic whole, neither passive nor static. Its balance is the result of both linked and contrasting elements. The point of our journey and our quest lies in discovering the mystery called life. Earth connects past, present and future generations. Finally, Man returns to the soil. Ultimately, earth reclaims Man.

Memories Of Rietveld

All we are surrounded by is transience . Man is engaged in a daily dialogue with nature. Our mutual positions are transformed and blurred in the process.

Internal Exile

I know that someone is allowed to be tall and big. But at the same time he can't get beyond his hairline. In order to be able to really see this, you need someone to help you, momentarily.

Beyond Utopia

A second skin made of solid materials, yet volatile, confronts us with aesthetics, fragility and transience of nature. Nature makes us aware of our origins, of the impermanence of existence


Born somewhere on this planet called Earth. Transforming ugliness into beauty. Remember and revaluate useless people in today's world.

Brain Attack

All mirror are magic mirrors. We never see our reflections in them. The problem about thinking is that it often leads to paradox.




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      '' Yesterday's luxury becomes today's need'' 

                                                 All we are surrounded by is transience. What narrative remains while I transform the presence of things?

The strength of destruction is my motivation to create. I deliberately blur the edges of my use and non-use of materials.                                                      

Being en route on the one hand and human evolution the other hand seem to be linear processes: you start at one point and you end at another. This way, I seem to have started out in Cameroon and ended up in The Netherlands. My movement from Africa to Holland seems to be, at first, some ‘progress’, some ‘evolution’ on my part. However, progress and evolution are not bound to either time or place. They are first and foremost, human-bound. And so is deterioration and de-evolution. I have been moved and touched by the need of people to evolve and to innovate on the one hand and by their allowing decay and deterioration to happen without taking any actions on the other hand. This… Every human being faces boundaries. Sometimes they take the form of a barrier imposed from the outside, a regime in which you look for some “space to live and breathe”. Boundaries can also take the form of an internal barrier or restriction, imposed by nature. The restricted life-cycle of flowers is a good example (growth-blossoming-withering/old age). My working method reawakens us to the transitory nature of existence.